Packing and Organizing Storage can be done for many reasons but two of them are usually the main. One is for downsizing the home and other is when you are relocating. There are a variety of reason why you want to pack and organize your home for storage.

Most people make the mistake of not having an organized approach to pack and organize their belongings for storage. This makes it difficult for them in the long run as the amount of stress increases.

We will discuss some of the tips and tricks on how to keep your items protected at all time and how to keep a track record of them.

First Things First: What to Pack:

Don’t go crazy by Packing whatever you find. First of all, make a list of inventory, add the things you really think are not in use or should be moved to the storage unit. This way, you will be safe from putting in the good you need later on. This is the best practice so you will not regret.

Taking an inventory list will help you to check what you have packed gradually. You can also keep a list on your phone as there are many apps available.

Making Sure You Have Ample Space in the Storage Unit:

There is absolutely no point in moving and Packing when there is no space in the storage unit. If you have booked a storage unit and figuring out the size of the unit, you should better get an idea of about how big the area is to avoid the extra drill of coming back home because, oh well, half of the belongings didn’t fit.

Create a rough list about how many furniture you are going to store. Also keep a rough idea about how many boxes you are going to use while Packing and keep them in the limited storage unit space. Ask yourself whether it will all fit in or there is a need to trim down on what you have packed.

By applying these techniques, you will save time of both the truck driver and yourself.

Check Your Belongings Before Packing:

Sometimes, your belongings are stores in a dusty place. Make sure you do the initial work by making sure all the inventory is clean and dry for putting into the boxes. During the pandemic times, it is important to sanitize your goods and yourself.

If you store even a small not properly dried out frame, it might get exposed to mildew. In case of leather or other fabric, make sure you have dried them out and stored in a plastic bag.

Ventilation in the Storage Unit:

Who wants to get their belongings ruined in the storage unit? No one. Weather related damage are the worst thing that can happen to your belongings. If your storage unit is climate-controlled, you would not need to unpack and look out for different stuff.

This climate control technology also prevents from different rust and insects. However, if the storage unit is not climate-controlled, ask yourself if it is worth the shot to put your valuables in the storage unit. You can then put electronics, expensive clothes, and instruments such as piano in your storage unit on your responsibility.

Cleaning the Storage Unit:

Before you plan to store your goods in a storage unit, consider taking a look at the unit whether if it is dusty or not. Because a dirty storage unit gives birth to many small insects and there is a risk of your equipment getting damaged in the storage process. You surely do not want to risk all your precious belongings.

First off, determine the type of dirt your storage unit has. Due to lack of cleanliness a storage unit gives birth to wall seepage and what not. So to get rid of that, go for a complete new paint or simply remove the dirt yourself.

In the COVID days, strictly maintain social-distancing and cleanliness exercises. Always wash off your storage unit and sanitize later on to get rid of COVID strains, if there are any. Wash the floor with a disinfectant so that your belongings can stay safe.

Cleaning Your Belongings:

If you have planned and made an inventory of how many of your belongings are going into the storage unit, it is finally time to clean them all. As your belongings are without a doubt dirty too. Before you decide to pack your goods into a carton, here are a few cleaning tips you can keep in mind:

  • Wash the clothes to remove any stains or simply pack in a clean packet
  • Wipe the furniture
  • Scrub the furniture with clothing on it to remove any bacteria
  • Wiping electronic appliances is okay, there is no need to wash them out…unless

How Can I Pack for Storage Unit?

Packing for storage unit is same as Packing for a relocation. Both involves the same processes. Before you start throwing everything in the boxes so that whenever you open them the next time, you can’t keep track record of which box has what.

It is better to make a list and then start adding different stuff according to a dedicated serial number.

Packing Furniture for a Storage Unit:

Furniture is delicate. In fact, any wooden belonging is delicate and expensive. Take extra safety measures as you pack your furniture. There is a good thumb rule which says not to use plastic Packing materials for Packing your furniture, unless there are small wooden decoration pieces.

Taping a furniture is never a good idea even if you are taping over the paper. There is a high risk that you will scrape off the paint.

Packing Appliances for a Storage Unit:

Electric appliances are delicate. A slight mistake can completely make the appliance unusable. Some of the electronic appliances are temperature dependent too. So make sure you keep them in a cool and dry place in the storage unit.

Remove shelves, critical equipment from the appliances if you plan to store it for a long time

By following some of these tips, you can plan a successful storage relocation.