Packing and moving are involved processes requiring careful consideration and proper planning. In addition to transferring information, decisions must be made about what belongings to take along and what to leave behind. From there, thought and planning must go into how to move various types of furniture and other personal items. Read on for some practical suggestions regarding how to wisely handle safe your fragile items

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Use Proper Packing Supplies

Don’t skimp on packing supplies, but don’t spend excessive money either. Sturdy boxes are a must and many retailers are willing to give away quality used boxes for free. Family and friends who recently moved or who use online shipping services frequently may have boxes on hand.  However, it is always best to use new boxes to ensure your items stay safe. Take time to thoroughly wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or multiple sheets of newspaper.

Place Heaviest Items on The Bottom

In addition to using sturdy boxes and carefully wrapping fragile belongings, it is important to consider placement within boxes. For example, when wrapping kitchen items, be sure to place plates on the bottom of the box rather than on top of lighter fragile items. Even before placing items in boxes, take a quick inventory of all fragiles and the basic weight of each. Line all boxes with extra cushioning before placing the first layer of fragiles.

Wrap Individually

Although it may seem like a time saver to group wrap items such as plates, it is not worth the risk of fragile dishes breaking or chipping en route to the new location. Take the time to individually wrap each fragile item. Take extra care to also wrap each portion of the fragile. For example, wrap not just a teacup base, but also the handle.

Consider Value and Additional Insurance Options

Also prior to boxing fragile objects, take a general inventory of their value. Photograph either all fragile things or just the most expensive ones. Read all small print if using a moving service and evaluate whether or not an additional insurance option is needed.

Hire Professionals

Moving professionals have plenty of experience moving all kinds of items. If you feel hesitant about your ability to properly gauge the logistics of moving fragile objects, feel free to price out your moving service options and to read available reviews. This is also a great option when pressed for time. Get a free quote today!

Mark Boxes Containing These Items Fragile

If you decide to use a professional Packing and moving service, they often issue special stickers to use to identify boxes containing fragiles. If your company does not do this or if you are Packing and moving on your own, be sure to clearly mark boxes with the word “fragile.” Use bold lettering and an exclamation mark so that there is no question or confusion about the care needed in handling those identified boxes.

Moving can be stressful but common sense and pre-planning help to alleviate pitfalls and make the entire process smoother. Feel confident that you are taking proper measures to protect all of your belongings including those that are fragile. Unpacking is a much more pleasant experience when all belongings arrive at the new location intact. When you move you can pass your supplies and expertise on to someone else who will appreciate them.

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