When deciding to move, one of the most common questions is how to pack furniture for moving. It’s bulky, sometimes very old and you want to be very careful with it. Many people doubt if it is even possible to move large furniture since most of it can’t fit through the door. Anything is moved with the help of professionals and a little bit of creativity. When packing your furniture, you need to follow a few simple steps to avoid damage during transport, especially when packing big furniture.

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Disassemble large furniture

The first step you should take is to disassemble large pieces of furniture. It would be best if you did this even before you got your packing supplies. That way, you will properly assess what kind and how much packing supplies you will need. Large furniture can be tricky. Manufacturers usually try to hide the screws as best as possible to give it a better look. And you probably don’t have the assembly manual from back when you bought that piece. If you do happen to have it, it can be a valuable tool that will help you in this endeavor.

When planning how to pack furniture for moving, make a list of everything you want to disassemble. Even if it can fit through the door, it can be wise to disassemble it to avoid damage. That can include:

  • Beds
  • Tables
  • Desks
  • Wardrobes

Check the screws

Check where the screws are located and plan accordingly. Some screws might hide behind the pillow. For some of them, you might need to take out shelves or pillows. If some pieces of furniture need moving for disassembly, make sure you make enough space.

Furniture manufacturers usually use standard types of screws. But even then, there are several kinds. Take a look at all the pieces of furniture that you want to disassemble and find the screws. Take pictures and check your toolbox. If you don’t have the right tools, you might need to get some new ones.

Get the right tools.

A handyman is only as good as his tools. So make sure you have the right tools before you start disassembling everything in your home. Most tools you will need should be standard ones. You will need a flat head and a Phillips head screwdriver. But some manufacturers now prefer to use hex screws. And they can be different sizes, so make sure you have the hex key of the right size.

But be aware that some of those tools can cost you a pretty penny. Make sure you are ready to invest your money in means that you might never need again. If not, then packing services Ottawa might be a great solution for you. They have professionals that can help you with that kind of stuff.

Organize and label

Before taking everything apart, take plenty of photos. It’s much easier to take something apart than to put it back together. So make sure you know what goes where. If you have furniture of the same or similar color and texture, it is good to label which piece goes into which type of furniture. It will help you with both packing and assembling it. When packing your furniture for moving, place as many pieces as possible in the same plastic bin or a cardboard box to avoid mismatching pieces. A good life hack is to tape the screws near the holes they went in. That way, you won’t need to guess which one goes where.

Packing supplies

Before you start buying supplies, make a list of everything you will need. Assess what and how much of it you will need to pack furniture for moving properly. You don’t want to buy more than you will need as you will accumulate a lot of garbage. But you also don’t want to end up a box short of what you need. Check with your moving company.

A lot of moving companies offer their packages. So get free moving boxes from them and then go shopping for supplies. It is generally not a good idea to put unprotected furniture in a moving truck. It might get damaged or even damage your other stuff. So make sure you have everything you need. Some of the packing supplies are:

  • Packing or sealing tape
  • Plastic wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Sofa covers or blankets

You can get these supplies at your local hardware store or buy them online.

Pack furniture for moving

To protect your furniture during transport, you need to pack it properly. You should never place furniture in a moving truck uncovered and unprotected as it can get damaged or damage your other stuff when if it slides. Different kinds of furniture require different packing methods. Follow these few easy steps, and your furniture will arrive at its destination without a scratch.

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Cover furniture with blankets

If some of your furniture doesn’t need or can’t be disassembled, you will need to protect it by covering it with blankets. To avoid this, cover the whole piece of furniture with one or even multiple blankets. Make sure you properly cover everything, especially the top and bottom. For this, you can use your old blankets or buy or rent special moving blankets in a moving supply store.

Secure it with plastic wrap

After you have covered everything in blankets, make sure you give it a good plastic wrap. That will make sure that blankets don’t move or fall off. It will also ensure that drawers don’t open during transport. Take the plastic wrap roll and start going around the piece with it. You will need to do multiple circles for some parts of furniture, while others can do with just one.

If you cannot remove legs from tables and chairs, make sure you wrap each one separately with plastic wrap. You will want to be able to see their outline.

Protect the corners

Place pieces of cardboard on every corner of your furniture after you apply the plastic wrap. Place a large amount of cardboard underneath, fold it up to cover all the corners, and secure it with packing tape. It will go a long way in protecting it during transport.