Relocating is never an easy job. It requires a proper planning, a team of professionals, and will power to take the first step. It can often be a stressful process for us and especially for families with pets. This is why, moving with pets needs to be as natural as it should be.

As we know most of the pets are stubborn in nature. A slight change in their routine can disturb their whole mood. This is often not a good practice. Not knowing what to do with pets on the relocation day? Having trouble handling your pet on the day of relocation? Whatever the reason is, stay with us to find out how to move with pets.

Is There Any Easy Way Out While Moving With Pets?

Let’s be honest, handling pets is a big responsibility. It was never an easy job to put your pet on auto-mode. Pets require a constant attention. So what strategy do we have to adapt while relocating? How can we move with pets?

When you move your furniture, you call Kmoves. When you want to store something, you call our team again. Calling our team of professionals just for pet is not enough. One thing you can do, especially during the relocation day is to maintain the routine of your pet.

Never put your pet’s toys away. As it will make them stubborn due to lack of playing around. Keep this in mind as more you keep your pet devoted, the more easy it is for you to pack and move.

First Things First: Packing and Moving

Do you know there is one thing similar between pets and kids, you might have gotten an idea. Both of them are stubborn, both demand constant attention, both have almost same routine. So you get an idea of how it is like to relocate with a pet.

While packing, leave your pet in it’s comfortable environment and usual activities unless its time to move. Have an access of fresh water and fresh food always available. The same rules apply for when you move to your new home. It is the same drill for you.

Packing and Moving a Separate Box for Your Pet: 

Make a separate box for your pet. No no, you do not have to put your pet in this box. This box is for putting belongings of your pet in. Belongings like toys, food, and other basic stuff.

Talk it Out:

Giving constant reassurances can help your pet stay calm and composed throughout the packing and moving process. As silly as it is, convincing your pet that everything is going to be alright eventually is a crucial step. You should be able to convince your pet that everything is going great.

We know that you talk to your pet. Be it a dog or a cat. You should be enlightened enough to know that moving is a great deal of stress for some pets. Especially dogs, the small dogs are the most stubborn ones.

Pets are extremely emotional when it comes to relocating. A slightest change in their routine can seriously affect their overall mood and sometimes their health.

Be careful and gentle with them in this time of packing and moving.

Let Your Vet Know:

When you decide to pack and move from your current residence, let your vet know about the whole process. By this way, your vet will prescribe any medicines needed to keep your pet sane.

It is also important for you to visit a vet so that your vet can give you all the record of your pet and recommend you a new vet in the new area you are moving to.

Enjoy With Your Pet in Your Vehicle:

Pets like dogs and cats are playful as we all know. So always keep your pets with you in the car while you are making a move. Some animals are more comfortable if you throw a blanket on them; this is needed in cold weathers. Otherwise, you are good to go.

Don’t Hassle:

As a pet owner, you should not hassle or stress out the moving process as this will have direct impact on the pet and it affects their mood. You should be calm and composed, keep things lightly. Don’t rush yourself if you want your pet to stay calm.

Trust us on this, your pet has the same feelings as you do. If you move, they move too.

Move the House Before You Move Your Pet:

Pets don’t like moving too much. So, it is a great strategy to move your house before you move your pet. It does not means you keep your pet alone in the previous house. No, that would be a horrible idea.

What we mean is to shift half of your home with all the crucial stuff so that your pet may live easily in the new environment. Make sure you transport the pet’s belonging in the first move. 

Packing and Moving: Abroad

Moving long distance is a completely different scenario involving many tough situations. There are many risk involving factors and you must be aware enough to tackle the situation yourself. There are a few things you need to keep under consideration before making a long-distance move.

First off, make sure whether your pet has received all the basic care from the vet. Whether the vet has given recommendation of taking your pet abroad or not. Necessary vaccines and the passport of your pet which are basic stuff.

As the trend follows, now our clients have boarding houses meant just for pets. These places are equipped to provide your pet with ease and comfort throughout the packing and moving process.

The boarding houses are especially made so that your pet can have an optimal atmosphere with other pets. Starting from professional staff to other pets there which are the greatest factor, this just makes the day of your cat or dog.

Good luck with packing and moving of your pet.