When you’re expecting, there’s already more than enough to worry about. Nobody wants to throw a big move into the mix, but sometimes, life leaves us no choice. But don’t panic if one more big change like a local, long-distance or even international move is coming your way. Moving while pregnant doesn’t have to equal added stress or increased safety issues. Though every pregnancy and move is different, check out our favorite tips for planning to move if you’re pregnant.

  1. Talk to Your Doctor

When it comes to your new arrival—and yourself—nothing is more important than the utmost in safety and security. The number one way to ensure you’re taking every measure possible for a safe move and a healthy baby is to talk to your doctor first. No two pregnancies are alike. Just because your sister brags of successfully moving her entire home alone while nine months along doesn’t mean you should. Only a trusted doctor knows your health history and potential risk factors. Get their advice first, and then start planning the move. If they recommend sit out any part of the move—listen. It’s never worth risks like pre-term labor caused by lifting or other potential injuries to yourself or your baby.

  1. Give Yourself Extra Time

Preparing for a new arrival alone is beyond time-consuming! In addition, the physical effects of pregnancy itself is prone to slow down anyone. This means you’ll have to anticipate that every part of the move will take longer than usual. However, the amount of additional time can vary depending on the individual, how much help you have and how far along you are.

  1. Ask for A Little (or a Lot of) Help

Is there a better reason to ask for extra TLC than when you’re literally making another person? We don’t think so. Even if you thrive on self-sufficiency, try to put that to the side this time. If you’re trying to save money prior to your little one’s arrival, ask friends and family for an extra favor. Throwing in free pizza and adult refreshments will always sweeten the deal. Can’t lure in your own people to help? Worry not. There are countless moving and packing services available allowing you to sit back, relax and soak up that extra rest—while you still can. Packing Services Packing up a house or apartment is both time-consuming a labor intensive. Give yourself a well-deserved break and hire a reputable packing service. From carefully wrapping up your belongings to securely boxing them up and moving them into the truck or van, know with confidence that your belongings are in good hands.

For extra fragile and valuable items, explore the option of white glove packing and moving services. Though reliable movers will always take the utmost care of your property, white glove movers have additional training and expertise when it comes to antiques, artwork, pianos and other fragile items.

Moving Services

For the move itself, find a moving company that’ll literally do it all for you. Don’t be shy to inform them of your pregnancy to ensure they take the utmost care in taking care of you.

Once the boxes are packed, their employees will move everything into the van and carefully transport everything to your new home. Usually for an additional fee, they can even assist with unpacking.

  1. Stay Organized & Plan Ahead

Planning out a move is always important, but the need to plan skyrockets when you’re pregnant. Create a detailed calendar marking out every part of your upcoming move. Always take into account where in your pregnancy you’ll be during each part of the moving process. You might feel great right now, but that could change drastically in a month or two. Realistically prepare for any possible additional assistance and make adjustments to the schedule if necessary. Also, pregnancy brain is no lie. Make a thorough inventory list of everything you’ve packed and label each box. Taking photos of what’s inside is also a great way to record every box’s contents so you’ll find them while unpacking at your new home.

  1. Don’t Push It

You might be a Mama Bear that wants to do it all, but avoid the temptation to bite off more than you can chew. Moving is an already draining process both physically and mentally. Pregnancy only adds to this—but now you have two people to think about.If at any point you feel over your head or have concerns about you or your baby’s health, it’s time to press pause and reevaluate how to best tackle this move. With countless resources and services available, every mother should look forward to a safe move—and a safe pregnancy.

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