Packing and moving during the COVID time when things are stressful is not an easy job. There are many things to look after to, the novel coronavirus has put a stop to everything along with economies jammed. While social distancing is a norm now, Packing and moving is something which cannot wait.

We will guide you thoroughly about the important factors which will make it easy for you to move out during a pandemic with safety. As getting infected from virus is something no one can afford. Let’s see how you can start your packing and move.

Before You Start Moving:

There are many things which you should keep under consideration before making a move starting from budget to the overall expense of your relocation. Plan Your Relocation in Advance:

Don’t rely on the final days of relocation. Always make plans in advance. In your planning, you should calculate your expenses, choose a moving company. Organize your move, the plan should contain all the key factors and different instances.

Always remember that this intermediate planning will help you survive the move through the coronavirus pandemic.

Some basic things you should look out for:

  • Dates of Relocation: Always plan your dates of relocation at least two weeks prior to relocation. In this way, you will have ample of time to re-evaluate your belongings and location of moving.
  • A Pandemic friendly budget: Calculate your expenses, make a solid budget and stick to it until the end.
  • Rethink About Your Inventory: In the times of pandemic, moving too much inventory can be a difficult task. You should always discard or move some of the inventory in storage units of Kmoves.

Social Distance is Necessary:

Most of the people are still confused about social distancing. They do not know what social distance really means because, according to them social distancing is just wearing a mask.  Let us give you an idea of what social distancing actually is:

Social distancing which is also known as physical distancing is one of the best way of defense against the novel coronavirus. In almost all the countries, social distancing requires you to:

  • Stay at least six feet away
  • Do not gather in groups or parties
  • Avoid mass gatherings such as concert.

Exposing yourself to third-party persons who are not a part of your home will make it dangerous and you might contract virus. This virus then, in turn will contract others in your house too. So, prevention is better than cure.

Is Moving Necessary During the Times of COVID?

Moving depends on the kind of relocation you are going for. For some people moving is not an easy practice. As it involves many risks; especially in pandemic. Some people are bound to relocate as most of the time people have their lease ending or they previously purchased a new home.

There is nothing comparable to a good health. So if you have a flexibility in dates, consider waiting. Especially if you are in a hotspot area.

Are Moving Services Available During Lockdown?

Moving services does not go down with the rest of the industry as moving is a part of lives more than ever now. Our team is ever ready to assist you in moving. But if you do not hear from a moving company while you have booked an appointment, then expect them to be closed.

Otherwise, the decision for closure depends upon the individual franchise owners and they cannot give a clear word. The only thing changed between these times are customer related which involves washing hands, practicing social distancing and wearing a mask.

Clean as You Pack and Move:

If you are moving locally, we know this sounds stressful and seems like a drill. At first, you have to pack and unpack and now clean the stuff as you unpack. But this is for your own betterment as we don’t want you to involve in any risk factor.

Sanitize everything while you move and clean everything in your home without leaving any trail for the coronavirus.

Movers and Hygiene:

Provide the basic hygiene products to the moving team when they arrive. It includes passing on sanitizer. Never shake hands with anyone. It is simply safer to maintain the practice, simply smile or say hello. No handshakes. Always tell the movers to wash their hands when they touch the doors. Stay present and look at what they are doing while maintaining a social distance at the same time.

It is a good idea to It is a good idea to pack 24 hours prior to when the moving team arrives. In this way, they will just come and pack everything in the boxes and leave as soon as possible without continuous exposure.

Hiring Professionals for a Sturdy Job:

Never make a mistake of hiring unprofessional movers. They lack professionalism and might not even be maintaining social distancing. This is not a good sign for you and your family as these are the culprit who are the carriers of the coronavirus. Kmoves take COVID-19 very seriously and would not make a slightest mistake or show irresponsibility.

Having Kmoves means everything is sanitized, starting from trucks to our team of professionals as we already mentioned that we take covid-19 very seriously.

Surviving in a pandemic means more virtual world and less interaction in real life. If you are worried about how you are going to get an estimate of your Packing and moving services, simply connect to us online. We will connect you to a virtual world so we can take a look at your home and give you a rough estimate about how much relocating is going to cost you.

Stay Safe, Move Safe:

In a nutshell, moving safely and following social-distancing is important during relocation. Making sure that everything is planned an on point is the first step of Packing and moving during the COVID. Get a quote from your movers by a virtual walkthrough of your home and making an estimate.

Always pack 24 hours prior before a moving team comes. Most of all, keep a distance and you are good to go.