Moving under any circumstance isn’t easy, but moving with a piano is a whole other story. Figuring out just the right way to maneuver this delicate piece of furniture is a challenge, especially given that most Ottawa homes and apartments feature small rooms and narrow doorways. While you may be tempted to move your piano by yourself with the help of a few friends, it is strongly recommended that moving a piano be done by experienced professionals. If you plan to make the move yourself, there are steps you can take to ensure safety and efficiency.

Safety First

When moving a heavy and cumbersome piano, ensuring your safety is of the utmost importance. Never attempt to move a piano by yourself. Instead, gather a group of helpers in good health that will be able to easily lift the weight of the piano and maneuver it through the necessary spaces. All should be dressed in appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes to prevent injury. As a group, determine how you will address obstacles such as stairs, carpeting, and elevators. You will also want to ensure that the path you will take is completely clear of all obstructions that might result in trips and/or falls.

Take Measurements

Before you attempt to move your piano, you will need to gather the measurements of both the piano and the doorways through which the piano will go through. Measure the length, width, and height of the piano in addition to the height and width of the doorways. If the piano is too big for the doorway, you may need to explore alternative options to get the piano out of your home and should elicit the guidance of moving professionals.

Prepare the Piano

Pianos are expensive and delicate instruments, so properly preparing this valuable addition to your home is incredibly important. Any damage that occurs during the move can result in costly repairs. You will want to wrap the piano in plastic wrap and cloth, securing the lid over the keyboard so that it does not open during the move. Wrapping your piano properly will effectively prevent scratches and scrapes during your transition to your new home.

Moving the Piano

Throughout the duration of the move, it is important to keep the piano in an upright position. Tilting the piano or carrying it on its side could result in damage to the delicate inner workings of the instrument. It is highly recommended that you elicit the assistance of a moving dolly to transport the piano. Not only will a moving dolly make the piano easier to maneuver, it is much safer for you and your helpers. Once the piano is lifted safely onto the dolly, secure it in place with dolly straps to minimize shifting and movement. If you are unable to use a dolly, keep the piano balanced by placing one person at each side while carrying. When lifting, do so from the legs and not the back to avoid serious injuries.

You will want the piano to be the first item in your moving van or truck, placed against the back wall. By doing so, you will be able to better secure the piano with the rest of your items or other pieces of furniture. This will again minimize movement, lowering the risk for damage to your valuable instrument.

Get Professional Assistance

Though you may be enticed to move your piano yourself in order to save money, the safety and peace of mind offered by professional movers is priceless. Hiring professional movers is the best option, as they are highly skilled in moving large and difficult pieces of furniture through even the smallest of spaces.

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