The fact that relocating from one place to another is a very stressful process. Whether you are moving local or long-distance, the process is time taking and equally stressful. Packing and moving requires a lot of money. Both Packing and moving take an emotional and well as a financial toll on the people. There are people who are new to Packing and moving. They do not know how to avoid having a bad experience when relocating.

Along with that, there are some horrible stories about the moving companies different people choose. Scams, stolen goods and all kinds of comments are there.

Today, we will guide you about how to avoid having a bad experience when you are relocating.

Research and Fetch the Information

Internet has connected everyone together. The world is a global village now and there are so many review sites out there. The most popular ones are google reviews. A simple search on the google will tell you about the reputation of the company you are searching.

When you search about the company you will get the website and reviews along with pictures on google. This way, you will be able to deep search the company without a hassle. Avoid the companies which have no prior information you can judge them on. Instead go for the reputed ones.

Companies with no address is a huge red flag for you and your belongings if you are planning to call them after seeing an attractive rate.

One crucial key information you should always look for in transporting sites are the license. Moving companies have a DOT (department of transportation) number in their site.

Online Reputation of a Moving Company

This is the make or break deal for a moving company. Reviews can determine the future of a company. Although, the reviews can be biased sometimes. Still reviews are a great tool to have an idea of what company looks like.

You will be looking for positive reviews naturally but also relate to the negative reviews so you will have a better idea of customer services especially in that area of interest. Everyone’s situation is different and you cannot put yourself in their shoes. Think and act from your perspective. You should not judge the company based on some negative reviews but having negative reviews on multiple platforms is definitely a red flag.

Knowledge is Divine

A company worthy enough will always know the answers to all the questions. Even asking a difficult question is easy for them as they are seasoned and experienced in their respective field.

You can ask series of questions but the most common one can be about pricing. We know you are keeping budget in the view, so asking about how pricing works on local and long-distance moving can be a good idea.

Unbelievable Prices

As the old saying goes, “If it is too good to be true, it probably is” meaning it should ring a false alarm. If one company is giving you a very attractive price then there is something wrong.

No, it certainly does not means that the company is trying to make a fool out of you by scamming you. It means that the company can charge you extra on the day of delivery or after delivery. Usually the company will put more cost which will make it expensive.

A pro-tip: Never pay the total price in advance to any company. They will slow down the process of relocating and you might need to give off more money than expected.

Although it is a better practice to pay your chosen company on credit card and giving money in cash should be avoided.

FAQs for the Company

If you have chosen a company for Packing and moving, it is finally time to ask some basic questions and check whether the level of professionalism they show gets shown in their answers or not.

It is important to contact your company and begin the Packing and moving process.

We have prepared FAQs for you so you can proceed the work without any doubt in mind.

  1. Is your company insured and licensed under the respective authority?
  2. Does your company have storage units built for different storage?
  3. Do you hire third-party contractors for Packing and moving services?
  4. How long will it take my moving process?
  5. Does your company provide different packing services?
  6. Can I have a look at your certificate of insurance?

Top rated companies such as Kmoves will have no objection on showing you the relevant documents and answering all your queries.

Choosing a Correct Moving Estimate

Many companies might try to butter you with their attractive rates. They might demand more money at the end of the moving process which will make your budget unstable in an instant. So it is important to notice the cost a moving company ask for.

There are usually two types of services being offered:

  1. Binding Rate: A type of estimate in which a mover will guarantee you the exact weight of your belongings and offer you a fixed rate. This rate does not changes in any way throughout the moving process. This is an average rate service and can be trusted easily.
  2. Non-Binding Rate: In non-binding rate, the company will first go over through your belongings and give you a rough idea about the rate. This should be avoided at all costs as the company has flexibility of increasing the rate. Moreover, the weight of belongings in the truck is different than the estimated.

Attention to Detail:

By now, you should have an idea of how to avoid having a bad experience with the wrong moving companies. Above, we have told you some of the best strategies you can adapt while looking out for a perfect moving company for packing and moving services.

Using your intuition while you are looking out for companies is also a great idea to prevent getting scammed.

All in all, the professionalism of the team, how they treat you shows a lot about the company they are representing. We hope you get lucky finding out the best moving company.