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Hire Us! We are Professional Movers in Ottawa Valley’s local and family-owned moving company since 2018. KMOVES has carved out prominence in the field of moving services with its professionalism. Contact us to book your appointment today!

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Years of Local and Long-Distance Moving Experience

Starting from small apartments to big houses, our team of professional movers in Ottawa, Canada at Kmoves can handle everything with ease. You can ask any of our customers! As their reviews can tell you a lot about our company. Many families have trusted Kmoves in Ottawa for years.

There is no job too hard with Kmoves. Our simplified local and long-distance moving processes have made the lives of everyone easier around us moreover, Benefits of professional packing services. You can start your moving process too! Just give us a call , and we will get right back to you with a quick quote.

KMOVES Professional Movers in Ottawa

Our moving services consists of local, long-distance, storage and office moving. Our attention to detail in every service is what makes us popular throughout Ottawa.

Let’s have a look at our area of expertise


We offer residential moves in the Ottawa Area. Whether you are moving across town or are moving a few blocks we make sure to meet your moving expectations. We have excellent moving rates for all kinds of moves.


If you require services to move heavy items big or small or move items within your house  our team will take care of that for you in a safe and professional manner


If you need storage while you moving between places or doing reno’s at home and need a place to store your stuff, Our site will provide a secure and safe place to keep them till you finish your tasks. 

What Exactly Makes KMOVES Different? 

This question pops up in everyone’s mind and no one can answer it better than we can.

Kmoves started as a family business three years back, and it is the same family business as it was in 2018 bearing its quality and name. Kmoves now involve a wider family in Ottawa we call customers.

The foundation of Kmoves was laid by a team of professionals. Our team, with their honesty, dedication and efficient handling is the gateway to a better and growing Kmoves. Our customers are our biggest supporting element in the entire eco-system; once they move with Kmoves, they get an idea of how we handle our business.

The next we know that our family is ever-growing with friends and acquaintances of our customers calling us. Thanks to the affordable pricing and rival competitors who we do not let come closer to us. Our team of professionals provide a customer with a sense of satisfaction and their whole relocation process is automated by our team. We are always helping our customers leaving no stone unturned in solving their problems. Our project managers are just a dial away to assist you with their quality services.

Our Professional Moving Services

Book your Service

You can book your service online by sending us a request on our contact form , via phone (613-621-0332) or by email (info@kmoves.ca) and one of our staff will help you through the process.

Relax while we work

Moving can be strss ful but you can rest assusred that our expert team will take care of your belongings in a safe and secure manner all the while ensuring that your move is done in a safe and timely manner so that you can take the stress out of the excitement at your new place. 

Pay, tip and Review

We have a major portfolio of happy clients that leave us positive reviews on our site as well as our GMB and FB page. You will agree with this once you have scheduled and completed your next move with us.

OnTime Delivery

For single move/heavy items we follow timelines defined y our clients and ensure that whether it be a big item going from basement to main floor or vice versa, we ensure that we do it in your favorable timeline as we understand that your time is precious 

What clients say about us?

Just wanted to extend a huge thank you to your team. You guys made the move simple and quick. Much appreciated!

Jason J.

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